The Center for International Degree Pathway Education (CIDPE) is an international Education provider offering pathway opportunities for students to obtain foreign training leading to the award of University degree across Universities from more than 10 Countries. CIDPE provides gateway for international opportunities both in education, business and technology

CIDPE is the most flexible degree program that provides a wide range of studies across different disciplines; from health science, engineering, business and finance, information technology, hospitality and tourism amongst others.

The liberal arts studies in the developed countries such as the US, UK will better equip our I-generation youths to embrace the challenges in the 21st century. Besides the rigorous intellectual training from academic courses, the opportunities to manage academic autonomy and collective individual freedom are effective ways to prepare them to face 21st century employment.

Since inception, we have helped to prepare students to transfer successfully to my League and top-tier universities across the various countries of collaboration which includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, China, India, Canada and Germany. It is highly anticipated that more than 95% of our students should successfully be placed and transferred to tier 1 Universities across the world yearly and a greater percentage of them obtaining scholarships from their respective schools.

Program curriculum delivered through our various University franchise partners are highly standardized to include industry relevance and flexibility. The program allows students the chance to immense in programs of different disciples which assessment are conducted using myriad of approaches geared towards bringing out the best in each learner. An international Pathway Education will equip students with adaptive skills to meet the demands of a global economy. Availability of our various Mobility programs in the pathway study approach provides opportunities for graduates to gain industrial experience in developed countries and widen their network in their respective fields.

We enables students to obtain quality higher education across various colleges and universities abroad at an affordable cost. There are also scholarships and financial aid offered by these colleges and universities for international students.

Here at CIDPE, we strive to help students adjust seamlessly into top schools abroad through providing a superior and world class education approach and supporting extra-curricular activities that build confidence, balance and a strong sense of community.