Become part of our learning community

Every student is unique, with skills and experience that can help others to succeed. By bringing people together, we create a learning community that is developed through shared support.  You will learn from an experienced teaching staff, and network with peers from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Be supported

Throughout your journey you will be supported by a dedicated team of student service professionals who will support you in your academic, technical and administrative needs.

A new way to learn

We move beyond conventional classes and lectures to create an environment where you can learn at your own pace.


You are not required to log in at a specific time or day, thus allowing you to manage your time around work and family commitments. All discussion and assessment is completed online so you can study during your lunch break, after your kids are in bed, on weekends or while in transit. As long as you meet assignment due dates, how you allocate your time is completely up to you.

Our Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (Open & Distance Learning)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) (ODL)

Master of Business Administration (Open & Distance Learning)

 Master of Business Administration (Hospital Management) (ODL)