Welcome to Centre of Business, Finance and Information Technology. The faculty offers relevant industry-related programmes and majors for students to pursue their studies in the field of business. The faculty’s programmes are grounded by the “BIG FOUR” clusters.

The first cluster, the programme needs to provide students with advanced and comprehensive knowledge in the area of research. This is to ensure that students always stay relevant among their peers.

The second cluster – cognitive skills. Students are nurtured to have the ability to apply, analyse and evaluate various information with the ability to handle various situations they will potentially face.

The third cluster – functional work skills. Students will learn practical skills, digital and numeracy skills, interpersonal and communication skills, and leadership skills. These skills are vital especially when managing a company or a team. Hence, we believe that an entrepreneur is not born but made and such is our programme that ensures each of our students has the entrepreneurial competencies to function in the global business market.

And the last cluster emphasises on ethical decision making and professionalism.

As such the faculty is investing in resources and venturing on various innovative pedagogical methods. This is to ensure students can learn effectively and apply their knowledge critically. Our industry-experienced academic team can share their experiences and the latest trends in the business and IT world. This gives an added advantage to our students for better insights into the various industries.

Our assessments are based on real-world case studies which will further assist in shaping our students to think and evaluate critically, based on solving various issues and problems of the global market and taking with them life lessons for further decision making.

Today many of our graduates have landed high positions in various prominent firms and we believe our approach to teaching and learning in this faculty has equipped them with the right skills and qualities to stand tall in their careers. We, the faculty, welcome you and ensure you that you will be one of our many success stories in this faculty.


 Business Administration

 Accounting (Hons) Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance

Information Technology (Hons)

Business Administration


Human Resource Management



Mode of Study: Online/On Campus

Intake: January, May/June, September

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