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Centre for International Degree Pathway Education

Who We Are

IDPE is the most flexible degree program that provides a wide range of studies across different disciplines; from health science, engineering, business and finance, information technology, hospitality and tourism amongst others.

Our story

Centre International Degree Pathway Education (CIDPE) is an Education organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and its West African Headquarters in Togo with the focus on providing pathway opportunities for students in Africa seeking to actualize their dreams in studying at my league Institutions across the world.
Through CIDPE students are able to undergo various academic programs across different levels from their home country with an option of continuing at their preferred host university campus to obtain their degrees. Programs offered at CIDPE cuts across more than 100 disciplines which gives you an opportunity to take your dream course at low cost from any of our physical study centres or through our Open Distance Learning Platform.
As an education service provider we also specialize in moderating academic progressing programs franchised from across Universities in more than 20 countries to various Institutions in Africa. We also specialize in Organizing International Education fairs, mobility programs, Education solutions amongst series of professional consulting services and training series.
With a wide array of partnerships and strategic collaborations we have been able to bridge the gap by offering students and professionals in Africa a global gateway opportunity which gives them access to doing business, direct employment and technology. All these are with intentions to developing the African youth to its full potential and creating the market demand for young professional needed to take up professional job positions across the world.

To be the Hub of Excellence for International Pathway Education across Africa

• To be committed to the delivery of education of the highest quality through recognized institutions with emphasis on hands on training.
• To produce competent and highly skilled professionals through qualified dedicated and experienced teachers both locally and abroad.
• To provide state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the desired standards in education which equips our students to face globalization while at their home country.
• Facilitating and enhancing local and international networking for students and staff to build new international networks and connection via the various workshops, webinars, case studies and research projects required in the respective programs.
• To ensure a smooth pathway for students to transfer and complete their programs at host university abroad.
• To offer industry relevant Education solution and professional training through our network of consultants.
• To provide a one stop platform for multiple choice of courses, institutions for Distance learning studies
• Attaining academic qualifications from various countries and recognized institutions abroad with tremendous savings on costs.
• To build a wider array of industry collaboration which is aimed at providing direct technology transfer, Employment and business gateway for our graduates and professionals


CIDPE is currently having its presence in Africa across Togo and Nigeria


The Center International Degree Pathway Education is a licenced by the Ministry of Technical Education Togo and is also a registered cooperate organization in Malaysia, Togo and Nigeria. Programs offered by CIDPE University partners are fully accredited by their respective countries Ministry of Higher Education and many other foreign Government organizations and industry partners. Hence students who take courses under any of CIDPE education Partners is guaranteed to have their degree recognized by their respective Government Authorities.


Programmes offered at CIDPE are recognised internationally and this provides opportunity for students to complete their further studies either at their home country or transfer to some of the leading universities abroad. a. Malaysian Universities b. UK Universities c. Chinese Universities d. Turkish Universities e. Japanese Universities f. Canadian Universities g. Australian Universities h. German Universities i. French Universities j. US Universities (Transfer Program)


CIDPE Is committed to provide quality, accessible, flexible and affordable education that puts our students at the frontiers of knowledge in diverse disciplines through systematic and professional management in line with international industry benchmarks. We inspire innovation through continuous improvement activities to achieve our strategic vision of becoming the Hub of excellence in Global Gateway for Education, Business and Technology across Africa
To achieve this, we shall take the following measures:
• Deliver top-notch study programs and education solutions, which meets the expectations of students, industry and society as a whole.
• Excel in education and improve, elevate, develop and deliver courses, which transcend the expectations and requirements of students.
• Plan and develop activities and programs with total commitment and involvement of our Students, staff and Global partners.
• Continuously upgrade the knowledge and skills of all our employees through a planned development of staff for content updating and training in professional skills.
• Maintain good two-way relationship with sponsors and interested parties.
• Continuously improve our international linkages and network to bring even new added value enhancement in Education.
• Advance and enhance research collaborations, internship partnerships, summer programs to bring value to our offering to students, parents and our Affiliates.
The quality of the programmes offered through CIDPE by its franchise university partners is ensured and enhanced through its affiliation with various international institutions and cooperate organizations, and through its compliance with both international best practices. CIDPE Moderation Team are highly professional with Experience in the education sector to manage and moderate all franchise programs across CIDPT Affiliate Centers in Africa.